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Charging stations for batteries produced by the company “Комета-СДЕ” are unique in their capabilities, including automatic operating modes, incredible features and flexibility in the selection of profiles, they allow you to solve any task of industrial or domestic nature. Their main purpose is the charge and maintenance of batteries, in this area, a large experience has been accumulated and implemented in the products. But the devices themselves allow you to go further and carry out other, more ambitious projects, from recharging personal or commercial electric transport and up to servicing railway stations and parking lots for TIR.

Kometa-CDE charging stations are used on the railway to provide energy and service to the batteries of passenger cars in the parking lot when the main train assembly is switched off. Thanks to this, all functions are available for quick service of the train and comfortable stay of passengers. Charger CS-3F is used for periodic recharging of car batteries with a constant voltage of up to 150 V and a charge current of up to 120 A. The charger is designed for mounting in a stationary cabinet.

With the help of Kometa-CDE charging stations it is possible to organize a centralized system for servicing the battery of cars and cars during parking. During the charge of the battery charging stations of the “Kometa-CDE” production, all the standard functions (TV, interior heating, lighting, etc.) are available, without starting the main power unit of the car. All this allows you to save fuel and reduces harmful emissions in the parking area. Model ZU CS-1F is used for recharging car batteries with a voltage of 12V and 24V. The charger is applicable to the following types of batteries: little serviced and unattended, classic and gel; as well as PzS (E), PzB (E), NiCd, and AGM. Safe automatic activation after connecting the battery allows you to start charging (option) without harm to the battery and the car.

Charging stations of the Kometa-CDE, were originally developed to support the operation of commercial electric vehicles and forklifts. For many years of work and successful implementation of many projects, Kometa-CDE has developed many unique systems for servicing and charging traction batteries. Efficiency and economy when charging traction batteries will provide a special model of charging station CS-3F. Thoughtful algorithms and application of modern technologies will maximally secure the battery during recharging, as well as save 25% of electricity compared to classical stations (transformator).

The Kometa CS-3F charging station in operation at the PKP railway station in Poland (installed in cooperation with Lamel Rozdzielnice Sp. Z oo)

Economical products

The best selling products from the Kometa-CDE are certainly inverter charging stations. The principle of their operation is based on the high-frequency transformation of voltage and the possibility of regulating the charge profile. Also chargers for traction batteries have a high efficiency (about 92%). This is another effective, reliable and economical assistant to your business.

Charging stations produced by “КОМЕТА-СDЕ”

  • Due to the high-frequency conversion, the device has a high efficiency

    Due to the high-frequency conversion using the Resonant ZVS technology, the device has a high efficiency
    (at least 92%), which allows you to save up to 25% of electricity per month compared with 50 Hz transformer chargers. The absence of high currents at the moment of power-up allows to reduce the requirements for cable and protective equipment.

  • Highly Efficient Charging Systems

    The enterprise Kometa-СDE more than 10 years is engaged in development and manufacture of progressive charging technologies, oriented to the future. Comet charging systems form a charging characteristic in accordance with DIN 41774 (DK621.314.63: 621.382.2: 621.355.2), which allows to avoid undercharging and recharging of the battery regardless of the voltage fluctuations in the power supply network. Our systems can be used to charge batteries (E) PzS, (E) PzB, NiCd and AGM. The internal memory of the charger retains all the relevant charge characteristics.

  • Environmental products that comply with European standards

    One of the most important tasks in the development of the charging station was to minimize the impact on the environment. The development of all components was carried out taking into account the requirements of the EU countries’ markets for CO2 emissions into the environment. The lowest possible energy consumption of charge systems allows to reduce the impact on nature.

  • Versatility and compactness

    Dimensions and weight are reduced in comparison with similar devices, adjustable profiles allow charging almost all types of batteries, and the device itself allows maintenance of batteries and their diagnostics.

  • Modern, thoughtful design

    Kometa systems are equipped with LED-backlit screen for monitoring the state of charge in poorly lit rooms. Easy-to-use push-button control unit charging station.

Optimizing performance

The charger provides a stabilized current and voltage during the oscillations of the mains supply, guaranteeing an optimized charge. The end of the charge occurs when the voltage reaches 2.65 V or when the voltage rises (dV / dt), which eliminates the possibility of undercharging or recharging (for batteries with liquid electrolyte).


The use of a single charger to charge a wide range of batteries of different capacities, technologies (classic, low-maintenance and maintenance-free). Charging stations “Kometa” is designed to charge all types of traction batteries used in electric transport and forklifts, according to DIN 41772, DIN 41773 and DIN 41774. The conformity of profiles to DIN is confirmed by certificates.

Our charging stations for traction batteries allow charging in both “AUTOMATIC” mode, in accordance with the selected profile, and in “MANUAL” with the possibility to establish a stabilized parameter, current with a resolution of 1 A.

Charging Station “Kometa” has the ability to automatically adjust the profile of charging traction batteries, depending on external temperature conditions and type of battery.

Microprocessor system

Control of the Charging Station “Kometa” is carried out by a high-performance microprocessor system with a self-diagnostic function. The stability of the output characteristics and the charge with an optimum current increase the service life of the battery in electric loaders up to 15%.

  • prevents exceeding the permissible current at the moment of power-up
  • provides battery diagnostics on the degree of sulfation
  • Disconnects the AP after the end of the charge
  • allows you to optimize the temperature of storage

The innovative IUIa profile has a charging current-voltage characteristic of type (I), (U) and is the most optimal for charge of the battery, allows to make a safe battery charge in the shortest possible time. The end of the charge is made when reaching Vpc = 2.65 V or by the criterion dU / dt.

Additional profiles

Standard profiles (Wa, WoWa) have charging current-voltage characteristics (Wa) according to DIN 41774. They belong to the class of protozoa and are based on the mechanism of time control of the charging process. In addition, there is a function of automatic control of the charging process by monitoring the value of the charged battery capacity in Ah.

DIAGNOSTIC MODE The battery determines the amount of energy transferred to the battery during charging and determines the degree of sulfation of the battery plates.

Battery recovery mode will reduce the effects of battery sulfation, producing small current charge regardless of the condition of the battery.

MANUAL MODE (IU) has the ability to set a stabilized parameter, CURRENT (I) or VOLTAGE (U) with a resolution of 1 A or 1 V, which allows charging with a small (large) stabilized current.

Additional functions

  • Centralized system of monitoring and control of chargers
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote alarm
  • Safe disconnection
  • Connections to a personal computer for monitoring and visualization of charging modes of the battery
  • Keeping an electronic log for each of the rechargeable batteries
  • With the use of several similar “Kometa” battery chargers for the battery, it is possible to organize a centralized battery monitoring system
  • Charging stations of the Kometa CS series

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  • Other products of the company “Kometa СDE”

    Switching Regulators

    Designed with the new mosfet technology with the use of a powerful processor, which allows a conventional electric loader with a rheostat-contact circuit to be used as a forklift with multifunctional capabilities: Высокой надежностью системы управления, обеспечивающей защиту от «самохода» электропогрузчика, что в свою очередь приводит к уменьшению травматизма, как …

    Battery status indicator

    The battery status indicator with the hour meter and the hydraulic lock function (ISB) is designed for installation on floor electric transport. Allows you to determine the driver on the LCD display the hours worked and the battery discharge as a percentage. For the dark time of day, a linear …

    Блок управления кассовым боксом

    Touch control unit SB-3 More affordable, but it has everything that its predecessor does. The control unit provides a smooth start at any conveyor belt feed speed, which ensures high stability of the goods while driving. Compatible to work in automatic mode with a sensor for forced control of the …
  • Also, the specialists of our company have accumulated a lot of experience in carrying out repair work and service support of our products.

    Repair of automatic sliding doors

    Any mechanism of automatic sliding doors breaks down and requires repair and adjustment. Specialists of our company have accumulated a lot of experience in carrying out repair work on automatic doors of almost all major manufacturers. presented in the Ukrainian market, have been trained in the installation and service of such well-known brands as GEZE, Tormax, Aprimatik, etc.

    Service of cash boxes.

    the specialists of our company provide a full range of services for the maintenance, repair and modernization of cash boxes throughout Ukraine (installation / dismantling, transportation, maintenance, repair, delivery of required components to box-office boxes of various manufacturers).

    Repair of electronic equipment.

    One of the most demanded activities of our company is the repair and restoration of electronic units or units used in industrial equipment and agriculture. Specialists of our company have a lot of experience in repairing the power units for controlling the floor electric transport, starting from low-power electric vehicles (golf carts, walking, scrubbing machines) and ending with heavy and powerful electric cars.
  • Ukrainian products – European quality!

    Fully Ukrainian production

     Charging stations for traction batteries and the rest of the products of Kometa-СDE are produced entirely in Ukraine, contributing to the economic development of our country and providing jobs …

    Certificate of European quality

    Our products have received the EU certificate. Which confirms the quality and reliability of our products. The certificate of the European Union opens an entirely new level of trust to us, our products and significantly expands the horizons of cooperation for us and our partners!

  • Company Kometa СDE, has an extensive dealer network throughout the country

    and always strives to increase their number, so you can order and purchase our products in almost all major cities of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and many others). Our logistic structure allows us to send products not only across Ukraine, but also to other countries. High standards and great competition make the company produce not only high-quality products, but also pay attention to caring for the environment, creating high-tech and very economical equipment.

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