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“Kometa-CDE” Ltd. is engaged in the development and production of its own line of chargers, the main purpose of which is charging traction batteries: loaders, electric cars, electric trucks and other storage equipment. Our charging stations intended for charging traction batteries are manufactured in a variety of housings and have different characteristics of charging current and voltage. Installed flexible, intuitive software, for the convenience of staff and allowing you to carry out the necessary adjustment by experts on site.

Armored vehicles and armament

One of the options for using Comet charging stations is the charge of batteries for armored vehicles and military equipment.
At the request of the customer, the product can be equipped with any standard and non-standard charging algorithms for both acid and alkaline batteries of all types used in military armored vehicles and heavy tracked vehicles of all types and modifications (tanks, bp, bmp, heavy caterpillar vehicles of various types). The production takes into account the necessary standards of protection and safety, taking into account the operating conditions.

The Metropolitan

Charging stations Kometa-CDE series CS-1F can be used to charge the batteries of subway cars of all types and modifications, it is designed to charge both acid and alkaline batteries of all types used in the metropolitan and programmed with automatic charging and maintenance algorithms. It is designed to charge all types of batteries installed on wagons of most manufacturers. Thanks to the extended line-up, the comet’s charging stations can be optimized for charging diesel locomotives, electric locomotives and trains, and models with a three-phase network are suitable for servicing wagons with increased energy consumption.

Public electric transport

The company Kometa-CDE is engaged in the development and production of its own line of charging stations intended for charging trolley buses and trams. The charger is designed for servicing the trolley buses and trams of various manufacturers. The charger can be manufactured in various cases and with different charging current characteristics, depending on the battery used in the transport and the customer’s wishes.

Mining (mines and quarries)

The structural features and versatility of the charging stations of the comet, with a certain modifi cation and conditions *, enable their installation in mines and mines, for charging and servicing traction batteries of mine / mine electric locomotives, both with acidic and alkaline batteries.

Cargo transportation TIR

With the help of Kometa charging stations it is possible to organize a centralized system for servicing the battery of cars and cars during parking. When charging the battery with charging stations of the “Kometa-CDE” production, all the standard functions (TV, interior heating, lighting, etc.) are available, without starting the main, power unit of the car. All this allows you to save fuel and reduces harmful emissions in the parking area. Model CS-1F is used for recharging car batteries with a voltage of 12V and 24V. The charger is applicable to the following types of batteries: little serviced and unattended, classic and gel; as well as PzS (E), PzB (E), NiCd, and AGM. Safe automatic activation after connecting the battery allows you to start charging (option) without harm to the battery and the car.

  • Ukrainian products – European quality!

    Fully Ukrainian production

     Charging stations for traction batteries and the rest of the products of Kometa-СDE are produced entirely in Ukraine, contributing to the economic development of our country and providing jobs …

    Certificate of European quality

    Our products have received the EU certificate. Which confirms the quality and reliability of our products. The certificate of the European Union opens an entirely new level of trust to us, our products and significantly expands the horizons of cooperation for us and our partners!

  • Company Kometa СDE, has an extensive dealer network throughout the country

    and always strives to increase their number, so you can order and purchase our products in almost all major cities of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and many others). Our logistic structure allows us to send products not only across Ukraine, but also to other countries. High standards and great competition make the company produce not only high-quality products, but also pay attention to caring for the environment, creating high-tech and very economical equipment.

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